Add Something Change Something Ltd

About Add Something Change Something

Whatever your objectives, Add Something Change Something can write, design and build Content Management Systems (CMS), websites, microsites, intranets, blogs, rich media campaigns, etc.

We accomplish our objectives by using an array of technologies such as Flash, CSS, HTML, Javascript, XML, Ajax, PHP/ASP/Coldfusion, mySQL/Access/Oracle Database architecture and integration. Whether you are looking for sales, registrations, referrals, advertising revenue, click-throughs, interaction or awareness, we will deliver a site that will engage your audience and generate the desired responses again and again and again

We care

With the vast amount of solutions available both on-line and off-line, there is a huge difference in costs from bespoke software developments to open source  applications, and Enterprise level CMS solutions.

To ensure Add Something Change Something delivers the most effective solutions for our customers' needs we work with them to understand all our client's goals, from short to long-term and recommend solutions that will deliver value against the following key criteria:
  • Client's requirements from the project
  • In-depth review of existing systems, and current technologies employed
  • The budget that has been allocated to the project
  • Business Procedures that need to be taken into account
  • Future-proofing and and scalability

Design Matters

For that extra punch and to make sure no one will ever forget your brand, we can create a rich media campaign for you, using tried and tested serving technologies such as Tangozebra, Eyeblaster, or Atlas. Page peels, expandables, full screen ads, and of course, any of the traditional dimensions. We will work on your campaign from start to finish, producing concept through design through to implementation to ensure that your ad will generate as much eyecandy as possible, while still ensuring that branding and your message shouts out to your audience.